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a brief introduction

Posted on December 15, 2015


Hi and welcome to my blog. This is my first post, and I’m really excited about sharing my art and my art making methods. I’m also looking forward to sharing my thoughts about art with you.

I wanted to start by going back to one of my earliest paintings done in Kindergarden or Grade 1. There was something about making art that I remember from childhood- how thrilling it was to control vibrant pigments on a pristine surface and create something that was a satisfying form of self-expression. Even today the smell and colour of crayons transport me back to my childhood and losing myself in a world of creative mark-making.

Art for me is about a lot more these days. I’ll be sharing more about that in future posts and I have some videos too in the works. I hope they will not only shed light on how I create but will be instructional too.

Okay, I thought I would include one more drawing done when I was 7. Yes, like so many other kids I was totally inspired by Star Wars. I’m thankful to George Lucas for realizing his own creative vision and lighting the imagination of so many kids. And I’m really looking forward to Episode 7!